This section answers a lot of questions we hear from our guests about life on the boat and most importantly where you’ll be surfing:

  1. What are the waves like?
    The Mentawai Islands are blessed with some of the most consistent, user friendly surf in the world. Waves range from friendly and rippable to downright scary. For an in-depth look at a few of the waves you might surf on your next Mentawai expedition please visit our Waves section by clicking here.
  2. Where will we be surfing?
    We’ve covered a few of the more common spots, what they’re like and even how they got their original names in our Waves section. Click here to see where you’ll be surfing.
  3. Any tips on proper surfing etiquette?
    Proper surf etiquette is crucial anywhere in the world. In the Mentawai Islands it’s even more important – so important that we’ve developed a short list of suggestions that we hope all of our guests will consider during their vacation. Check it out.
  4. Is there a general code of conduct I should follow onboard?
    We work hard to give you the best surf trip possible. There really isn’t a code of conduct while onboard, but here are a few helpful tips for adjusting to life on the boat. The following list offers a quick glance at what life on a boat consists of, kind of like the do’s and dont’s of surf travel in the Mentawai’s.

    • Please – No shoes on the boat
    • Feel free to grab drinks if you’re thirsty
    • Ask the crew for anything you need
    • If you’re hungry tell someone
    • Smoking policy – outside only please
    • No wet clothes inside the cabin
    • Point out problems or potential problems to the crew
    • No drugs allowed
    • Keep your belongings in designated areas
    • Always use proper surf etiquette
    • Bring your own DVD’s if you like
    • Conserve water as much as possible
    • Ask your surf guide as many questions as you’d like
    • Always look out for other people
    • Put trash where it belongs
  5. Where will I be sleeping?
    Each of our surf charter boats offer different accomodations. Please visit the individual surf charter pages for more information regarding sleeping arrangements.
  6. Where can I store all of my stuff?
    Your cabin should be able to store all of your clothes, toiletries, and miscellaneous items. Larger items such as surfboards are stored in a designated area that you can access to grab a new board, fins, leash, whatever you need. The crew will be able to help you stow away all of your belongings in a safe place where you can find them easily.
  7. How much money do I need onboard?
    Technically, once you get on the boat, everything is paid for. However, most groups usually bring extra money to tip the crew at the conclusion of their trip or purchase local crafts/souvenirs from the Mentawai people.
  8. What is the dining experience like on your charters?
    The food on all of our surf charter boats is significantly better than our competitors. We offer full meals ranging from Japanese food, Mexican food, Indian food, American food and local Indonesian dishes to pasta plates, pizza, chicken and of course fresh fish. We consider every meal extremely important to give you the energy you need to surf all day. Be prepeared to eat like a king! Several past Indies Trader guests have complimented us that the food on our boats blows doors on the fancy for nothing food served on the over prices Indies Vessels.
  9. What type of alcoholic beverages are available?
    Beer is available for all of our guests, Bintang and Heineken by request. You may also request wine or hard alcohol to be stoked on board for an extra cost.
  10. What other types of activities are available onboard?
    We’ve got DVD’s a good stereo system to plug your ipod into or play your CD’s, boardgames, books, fishing gear. The primary emphasis is on surfing, eating, and sleeping.
  11. Can I bring my own DVD’s / boardgames?
    Of course
  12. How much should I tip the crew when my trip finishes?
    This is entirely up to you. There suggested tip is 10% of the price of your charter; if you’ve had a great time, the crew did a wonderful job and were accomodating, let them know how you feel.
  13. What is your policy on illegal substances?
    Our operation is drug free. We have already been searched by Indonesian authorities upon the basis of an unfounded allegation. If drugs had of been found in passengers cabins or baggage we could have lost the vessel and faced imprisonment, along with the passenger. It’s just not worth it!
  14. What happens when the trip ends?
    Lamentably, when your trip ends we disembark the boat and in most cases give you a ride back to the airport to see you off until next year. If you would like to make alternative arrangements please let us know in advance so we can plan accordingly. ie: if you want to jump off at Kandui Resort for an extended stay after your boat trip is finished, etc.